Guitar Tuition at OIMS

With Mr. Dag Skarvang

Wednesday and Thursday from 3.15pm.


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments around the world today. It is used in many different styles of music and is played with many different techniques covering the different styles.


The most common use of the guitar is as an accompaniment instrument to singing where a few chords can provide a pleasant support to folk and pop songs.

A little more challenging is playing solo music containing melody, chords and bass notes. And the classical music for guitar requires diligent study and practice.

The guitar students at OIMS will be taught both chord playing and solo playing. We focus on technique, music reading, learning melodies and chords with a repertoire adjusted to suit each student as much as possible.

We also offer the possibility to take the ABRSM graded exams. These exams give a solid foundation in the music education and are highly recommended. They also include “aural training” that will develop the student’s listening skills.

We offer tuition mainly on the acoustic guitar. There is, however, for students with a good foundation on the acoustic instrument a possibility to study the electric guitar.