Payment Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for individual lessons

Oslo International Music School Contract
Contract 2019-2020.pdf
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General conditions

Lessons will be offered over the academic year in each of the instruments for which the student is registered. Students will be scheduled and notified of recurring lesson date and time after registration.

This contract applies from 1.9.2019 to 30.6.2020. 

Payment terms and conditions

All students attending with Lirica Yamase, Oslo International Music School must fill out this contract. Its purpose is to state the terms and conditions for her students.

All payments will be paid 2 months in advance. The prices will be at rates per half an hour, with 400 NOK for beginners, 420 NOK for intermediate (ABRSM Prep test, Grade 1 level and up) and 440 NOK for advanced levels (ABRSM Grade 5 level and up). The number of lessons will be based on OIS school calendar and which days a week the student wants to be in session. All payments will be made in advance, and will not be subject to reduced payments if a student has to cancel an appointment.

All payments are non-refundable. Allowances and rescheduling cannot be made for planned holidays, parties, illness or other changes of circumstances.

The parents/ guardians, hereby accepts the terms of payment, and agrees to 67 NOK in past due fines, unless the invoice is paid within 7 days. If payment is not received 2 weeks after its due date, the student can be excluded from lessons, and the contract is subject to cancellation. Further, overdue payments can be charged with interest on the claim in accordance with Act regarding Overdue Payments and Regulation regarding Overdue Payments.  If the parent/guardian fails to pay within two weeks after the debt collection notice has been sent, the school can initiate debt collection through a debt collection agency.

If the students wish to terminate the contract, written notice must be given to Lirica Yamase no later than 1 month in advance. If no notice is given, the students will be automatically charged for another 2 months.

All payments must be made to account number 0539.53.61041 and marked with correct invoice number.

Students are expected to be on time for lessons. It is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to bring the students and pick them up to and from the lesson rooms on time. The parents may organize this task with the third person/party however the responsibility belongs to the parents.

Parent/guardian are obliged to buy books instructed by the teacher when necessary.